Hi, I am EMI, the owner of Olive Enne. Let me introduce myself. After studying programming language at university, I worked for a bank-related company in Sendai, as a system developer and an instructor. I moved to Tokyo to join a foreign investment management company because I wanted to work in an environment that offered working globally, a free corporate culture, and a merit system. I belonged to the help desk of IT department, where I was responsible for internal troubleshooting, managing IT equipment, and providing IT support to visitors from overseas. After several years, I was transferred to the investment department, where I assisted fund managers in creating Excel and Access tools in order to improve the efficiency of fund performance analysis and stock trade management etc.

Then I changed jobs again. I joined an American asset management company. At that time, there were only about 30 people working in the Japan office, and we had to do a lot of work accurately within a limited time frame. I worked in the reporting department and created tools that linked Excel, Access, Outlook, and Power Point to create accurate reports and performance analysis in a short period of time. During working like this, I began to wonder if there was something that I could do for the public with I was doing at work.

After that, I retired from the company and studied abroad in the United States. After returning to Japan, I worked on EUC development for an American bank in the Investment Trust Department. There was a major project to migrate the banking system, and we were able to successfully complete the project by analyzing and developing the data so that the EUC could be used under the new system. I wanted to develop tools for individuals, so I decided to leave the company at the end of March 2020 and take on the challenge of my private business.

Currently, I have opened a shop called Olive Enne and sell my original tools through some online shops. There are many useful apps out there. However, they may not be completely suitable for your needs. Microsoft Office has a macro function and can be programmed by VBA, it is possible to create applications that meet your needs. I would like to provide original tools and templates that meet your needs.


Buy products

You can buy my products on Etsy or Base. The items of Olive Enne are digital products. You can download the files after you have bought the items and confirmed your payment from the following online shops. Click on the link below to open the online shop site.


Etsy is the world’s largest handmade marketplace. You can pay by PayPal when you buy items from Etsy.


Base is an online shop in Japan, and it also supports overseas customers. You can pay with credit card when you buy items from Base.



I have been creating my products in the following PC environment.

OS Microsoft Windows10
Mac OS Catalina
Application Microsoft Office 365
Security Trend Micro Virus Buster

*Product development and the screen shots in the text of the posts are used with the permission of Microsoft.
*I check the security of the files and then upload the products to the online shop’s website.


Other shop info


Shop location

Tokyo, Japan


If you have any questions, please use the contact form.


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